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An American in Syria: 'US Needs to Think Outside the Box'

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) An Orchard Park native living in the Middle East and doing business in Syria tells WBEN the US governrment needs to think outside the box before going ahead with a military attack on Syria.

The question everyone asks Thomas Webber is "Is it going to happen, and if yes, when is it going to happen?" Webber believes the US may be making a mistake similar to what happened in Iraq a decade ago. "When Colin Powell was in front of the United Nations with drawings and maps of weapons of mass destruction. You and I must admit nothing was found after we invaded," says Webber. "Right now, my point with Syria is simple: we don't know for sure if the Syrian resistance shot the gas." Webber says without knowing for sure who did it, the US appears to be backing the wrong party. "There was nothing in the government's favor to do a gas attack because they're on the offensive. They're winning, they're taking back land they've lost years ago, and there's no logical reason to have a gas attack on their own people, especially when the UN inspection team was there." Webber believes it would be a win-win for the resistance because they knew the red line would be crossed, and there would be intervention, but now they're getting nervous because the US is seeking congressional approval.

Webber goes out often while in Damascus. "It's the safest city I've ever lived in," says Webber. "Damascus is a beautiful city, and a lovely place to live and do business. I had a birthday three days ago, went to my favorite restaurant and stayed out until 11:30 at night." He notices shelling is heard constantly, but residents are used to it. But the last trip to Syria made him nervous. "If anyone asked me where I was from, I have a German background, and would tell strangers I'm from Germany," admits Webber.

Webber spoke with us from Amman, Jordan, and has not had reservations about going to Damascus. But if there's an attack, that may change. "If we do attack, I will question my return over the next 2-3 weeks because people will be resenting America and the attack they made."

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