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John Kerry, Chuch Hagel
Secretary of State John Kerry, left, and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, arrive on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, to testify before the House Armed Services Committee hearing on Syria. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Kerry: Syria Should Do More Than Declare Weapons

WASHINGTON (AP) - Secretary of State John Kerry says Syria must do more than just declare its chemical weapons stockpiles and sign the international treaty that bans them if it wants a Russian-led effort to avert U.S. military strikes to work.

Just minutes after Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime announced Tuesday that it would take those steps, Kerry said he hoped that it would "go further" in the interests of peace. He said the Syrian government must "live up to what they said just said they would do" and then cooperate with Russia "to work out a formula by which those weapons could be transferred to international control and destroyed."

He said the regime should also enter a genuine dialogue with the opposition. Kerry's comments came during an online Google+ hangout.

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