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Collins Remains Undecided, Needs to Hear More from Obama

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Congressman Chris Collins says he remains undecided in the matter of whether the US should take military action against Syria, but plans to keep an open mind during President Obama's address tonight.

Collins says he's convinced the Assad regime has used chemical weapons on civilians, but "my concern has been trying to connect the purpose of a limited strike when we use the word degrade the capability of future chemical weaponsa ttacks and degrade the air defenses and neither one used the word eliminate." Collins says Obama will have to work hard to sell him and the American public on the rationale of a limited strike that won't eliminate the threat of chemical weapons or overthrow the Assad regime.

Collins has a lot of what ifs. "What's our response if three days after our strike (Assad) did another chemical weapons attack? What would we do if Russia shot down our missiles? What would we do if Iran attacked Israel?" wonders Collins.

Collins says he'll listen closely tonight looking for more from Obama. "Something more than our credibility is on the line, because our president used the term red line without thinking through what that means," says Collins.

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