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Higgins: US Credibility NOT on Line in SYria

Washington, DC (WBEN) Congressman Brian Higgins does not agree with the assertion America's credibility is on the line in Syria.

Watch his remarks HERE.

"Really?" questions Higgins. "Not the America that I know. Not my America. The international community of 194 countries, an international community but for Turkey and France that says “Yes, we agree with you, the United States, that Assad is a toxic murderer, go get him, just don’t ask us to participate.” So the United States will enter another regional civil war for the third time in the past decade, essentially alone, again."

Higgins also cited the Arab world's response. "The Arab-Muslim world, a civilization of 250 million people, who have been in a destructive war with one another, Shia and Sunni, about who is the rightful successor to the Prophet Muhammad’s political and spiritual leadership since 632 – the 7th century. The Arab-Muslim community is a population of 250 million people, one half of which are under the age of 25. So Shia and Sunni are involved in the sectarian conflict against each other without any regard for the future of the children in that community. And America’s credibility is on the line."

Higgins says the American people are way ahead of Washington on this issue. "They don’t want a war in another part of the country that we cannot win, that we cannot litigate toward a successful end. They want to nation build in America.  
So I just think it’s important we say that. American credibility is not on the line. We are the greatest nation in the history of the world. We have demonstrated greater generosity to the international community to the rest of the world than they will ever respond to us. So let’s stop this nonsense about America’s credibility on the line in Syria," contends Higgins.

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