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"Tattoos: Stigma & Stereotype or Mainstream Art?"
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09/16/2013 7:23AM
Got Tattoos?
When did you get your tattoo? What do you think of folks who have them?
09/16/2013 8:52AM
Try to get a job, other then in a tatoo parlor. Good Luck!!!
Just think about it. The prejudices are out there about tatoos and there is no way to stop it. Many employers will not even hire you if you have exposed tatoos. That is just a fact of life. When you kid is stuck at home with you at age 30 covered intatoos and can't get a job, consider that as contributing factor. Also, the kids are emulating the pro sports people with all there tatoos. The pros can do what they want because they won't have to worry about getting a real job again.
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