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Buffalo Brew Week Looks at Tradition

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The tradition of beer in Buffalo goes back decades, and it's being reflected in Buffalo Beer Week starting today.   

"We've had a proud brewing tradition, and it's being revived by more small local breweries, so you're seeing those carried by local distributors, local beers, and local restaurants," says Tim Herzog of Flying Bison Brewery.

The ten day event includes over 70 tastings and beer related events at establishments across Greater Buffalo. (See the schedule below)  Herzog says local brewers are combining tradition with innovation.

"There are traditional styles like Aviator Red, and we're doing Belgian style with grape juice, we're doing beers with whole hops," he says

Herzog says there is tremendous food to go along with the beers to expand the selection, and bars are expanding knowledge among staff to continue the tradition.

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The Schedule at Each Restaurant & Bar  | Hear about Homebrewing
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Buffalo's Early News In Depth:
Buffalo Beer Week

Willard Brooks (left) Chairman, Bffalo Beer Week & Matt Kahn,  Big Ditch Brewing Co (opening early next year on Ellicott near Huron)
Hear all about the Buffalo Craft Beer
 scene and Buffalo Beer Week.

Conversations with John Zach
& Susan Rose  in three segments

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Niagara Falls Mayor Paul Dyster is a brewer in his own right, inspired by his time teaching in Europe.

"When I got back to the US, although these beers were available, you couldn't afford them on the salary of a Catholic university professor," says Dyster.

So, he and his friends looked through a magazine ad and spotted a home brewing kit. By the end of football season years ago, they were able to drink their own beer.

Exclusive WBEN Audio
More on Homebrewing
from David Rivers of Kegworks Inc.

Dyster says the current generation has grown up in a burgeoning microbrewery industry. "It's a great time for American brewing," says Dyster, who owns Niagara Traditions Homebrew with his wife.
Schedule of Events
from BuffaloBeerWeek.com

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