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Brighton Golf Course Range Building Destroyed by Fire

Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) The driving range building at the Town of Tonawanda's Brighton Golf Course was destroyed by a fire Monday morning.

"One of our gentlemen working the range drove the picker, that picks up the golf balls, out on the turf. Two maintenance workers saw smoke from across the parking garage and ran to make sure he wasn't in there," says Jeff Ehlers of Tonawanda's Youth, Parks and Recreation Department.

Ehlers says the wooden building went up in flames rather quickly. "From what the fire inspectors told me, it may have been a paint can in the back, that combusted," says Ehlers on a possible cause. No one was hurt.

The building contained golf balls, ball washer, and computer for the cash register among other items.

The range is closed indefinitely, though work would have started next week requiring a shutdown. The Paddock Chevrolet Golf Dome will open up immediately from 9am to 9pm for driving range activity.

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