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Player Death Prompts Cancellation Of Brocton Football Season

Westfield, NY (WBEN/AP) - After the football related death of 16 year old Damon Janes, the Westfield Brocton school systems have cancelled all of their remaining varsity football games this year.

Janes was a running back on the Westfield/Brocton football team and lost consciousness after a helmet-to-helmet hit during a game against Portville on Sept. 13.  He was a junior at Brocton Central School and died a few days later. Brocton officials declined comment, but the move was addressed briefly in a statement from Westfield Superintendent David Davison

The Westfield Board of Education on Monday approved cancelling the Westfield-Brocton team's remaining games.Westfield school Superintendent David Davison recommended canceling the rest of the season after speaking with players who said they didn't want to continue playing this year.

"You feel for them," said Timm Slade, the Executive Director of Section VI Athletics. "We feel for all of them, and we need to be sensitive to that here at Section Six, and we are doing our best to do that right now."

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Here's the statement that Westfield Schools posted on thier website Tuesday morning

The Westfield Academy and Central School Board of Education unanimously approved a recommendation by the superintendent to cancel the remaining 2013 Varsity Football season during their September 23, 2013 meeting.

The pending motion was shared with players from both teams at a team meeting on Monday. During the meeting, players shared creative and positive ways to honor Damon Janes through our athletic programs and school communities for the remainder of the year and into the future. This will be a student driven effort and allow Damon’s friends and teammates to continue the grieving process off of the playing field.

Both Brocton and Westfield continue to offer support to students and players through district counseling departments. For parents and family members in need of assistance, grief counseling is available through several agencies and local churches.

Section VI has been notified of District’s decision to not complete the season.

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