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Dr. Pamela Brown Escapes Board Termination

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - The Buffalo Board of Education voted 5-4 against terminating embattled Superintendent Dr. Pamela Brown.  The vote was called for by outspoken board member Carl Paladino. 

The vote was taken after Brown gave an impassioned speech to the board, pleading with them to give her the opportunity to finish the job she has started.

Paladino insists Brown is not qualified to manage the district and has broken policies with several recent hires to her executive staff. 

"I wish the Superintendent well, in every possible respect," said Paladino minutes before the board voted on his motion. "She's not capable and our kids deserve better, and to tell them to wait one more day for an education is terrible."

"Where were these people then (when Brown was hired), saying that that person did not have the degrees and the credentials?" said board member Florence Johnson.

Board member Sharon Belton-Cottman attacked Paladino before the board voted on his motion. "Not one scholarship for minority students, not one scholarship for children inside the city of Buffalo, there's no evidence that shows that you support children" Belton-Cottman said to Paladino.

While the motion to dismiss Brown generated the most buzz, other agenda items were not forgotten by the board. 

The board voted 6-2 to not approve the employment of PR Specialist and former TV Reporter Lorey Schultz. The six board members voting against the hire all cited better ways to spend the six figure salary that Schultz was to receive.

The board also voted to delay taking any action on the employment of consultant Mary Guinn for two weeks until the next board meeting. Guinn's employment has come under scrutiny from board members who are not sure the consultant is needed, especially considering the nearly $300,000 salary Guinn commands.

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09/26/2013 11:28AM
Dr. Pamela Brown Escapes Board Termination
What do you think of the board's decision?
09/26/2013 12:30PM
Governing Waste
The members that voted to keep Pamela Brown are the problem. Visionless leadership over years of mismanagement in addition to the self destriction of the Family structure in far too many homes. This has has given of the vass majority of these children to get no direction from positive influencial people in their lives. Buffalo Schools will invest $1 Million dollars in salary into folks that will give the same result. Its not teachers, its not the monies, its the family structure and what happens in the streets outside of schools. Its a culture that needs to change and yes. Its must start with the kids and there parents
09/26/2013 4:24PM
Where is racisim coming from?
No media seems to call people to task on an equal ground. There was no out cry when Dr. Williams left and one of the board members stated the next superintendent had to be Black. Buffalo will never rise out of its slump. BTW, I'm a Hispanic male. I say this because even some of us "minorities" can see the double standard where people, and that includes the press, are afraid to call Blacks, Hispanics, etc., on the carpet for being racists.
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