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"Looking To The Past For Shutdown Answers"
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10/01/2013 4:39PM
Looking To The Past For Shutdown Answers
How long will the shutdown last?
10/02/2013 8:03AM
Is it too much to call them terrorists?
Perhaps it is. But if the T-bag Republicans' destructive rage leads our country into default and crashes the economy because they refuse to accept the will of the people as expressed through democratic elections, then it's not too much. These treasonous cowards, and everyone who supports them, are terrorists.
10/02/2013 8:46AM
Julia Ioffe ‏@juliaioffe
Haters, I'll say this: Tea Party tactics are most like the Bolsheviks'. Destroy the system from within to impose purist ideological order.
10/02/2013 10:08AM
Hey WBEN and Fox News fans
Is the realization starting to sink in yet that all this time you've been duped?
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