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Tour Groups Impacted by Shutdown

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The shutdown has an impact on those wanting to head to the nation's capital. About a half dozen groups may not be able to get their trip to Washington rolling.

"To go to Washington, you have to pay a permit charge, and right now we're not able to get the permits so I don't know what they'll do when the motorcoaches come in," says Richard Swanson, President of D&F Travel. "Without permits, we can be subject to fines." He says the plans are in place to send the groups of 50 or so down to the capital. "I would assume we can still go and the government won't inconvenience them because of that," believes Swanson.

If they can be in Washington, Swanson says the groups may be disappointed by what's shut down because of the shutdown. "All the memorials, some of the art galleries, and the Smithsonian," says Swanson are closed right now.

He says there are not many happy people right now, and some are contemplating refunds.

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