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Grand Islanders Wondering Why Lawn Signs Are Removed

Grand Island, NY (WBEN) Residents of Grand Island have been steaming over the fact their Tim Howard for Sheriff signs have been removed from their front lawn. One person claims the town's building inspector is trespassing.

Rus Thompson first got word from a friend. "I got an e-mail saying Doug Learman walked on his property, while (my friend) was in his house, and took his Tim Howard sign off the property. My friend confronted Learman, (Learman) was extremely rude, took the sign, jumped into his truck and drove away," says Thompson who also discovered his Howard for Sheriff sign was gone.

Thompson says he's trying to get clarification on a law about when an election sign can be up on lawns, but "even if there is a law, it still does not give the right of any town official to walk onto private property and steal a sign. This does not give them carte blanche, they need permission to walk on your property."  Thompson wants Learman to return the signs personally and apologize for trespassing.

Learman declined to a taped interview but did tell us election signs can only be up 30 days before an election and up to seven days afterwards. He made calls out to people reminding them of the code, and asking them to take their signs down.

Learman adds the town board called on him to enforce the code.

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