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"What's Being Taught? Common Core Push Sees Opposition"
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10/08/2013 8:46AM
What's Being Taught? Common Core Push Sees Opposition
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10/08/2013 9:06AM
Cookie cutter kids make cookie cutter adults
Common Core is diabolical and sinister you really need to dig deep into what it's ultimate purpose truly is. It is the progressive Liberal agenda at it's worst. Here's a headline just from today....Common Core: Arkansas Sixth-Graders Asked To “Prune” Bill of Rights From “Outdated” Constitution… -
10/08/2013 10:40AM
Poor posting
Whoever put these questions on line needs to learn how to do scientific notation.. Question 6 isn't 8 x 104 it's 8 x 10 ^ 4 Same problem in Question 8
10/09/2013 10:19AM
NYS Common Core Different than "Common Core"
The NYS Common Core is a "step-up" from the National Common Core. The NYS tests are a "step-up" from the National Common Core ELA and Math tests as well. Please make sure you compare those to the National Standard, NYS Common Core is much more difficult than the rest of the states involved.
10/15/2013 1:23PM
SPEAK OUT!: The NYS PTA, a Supporter of Common Core Learning Standards is hosting a Town Hall Mee
Commy King has canceled his appearance. Not sure if the meeting will still be held.
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