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Andrew Lathrop, Hamburg PD photo

Police Accuse Former Student of Frontier Bus Damage

(WBEN) Police in the town of Hamburg have arrested a teen in connection with the vandalism of school buses and buildings in the Frontier Central School District.

Police say former student Andrew Lathrop, 18,  of Hamburg was identified through surveillance video at the school district bus parking area.

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Paul Hashem, Interim Supt
Frontier Central Schools
The schools were closed Monday after fire extinguishers were discharged inside several buses and various route listings were destroyed.  Obscene messages were spray painted on some of the buses.

"We initially y thought it was about 90 percent of our buses. We have, at any one time e 90 buses in service, but in the light of day we found it was more like 20 or 25 buses and the damages we have found so far amount to about $8,900 " said Interim Superintendent Paul Hashem 

 Lathrop was a former student. He dropped out of school, but was enrolled in the district's GED program. Hashem says they  researched Lathrop's past and found no explanation from his school days, and police shared no motive.

As a result of the vandalism, Hashem says the district will be looking at its security procedures, buying some new equipment, and trying to determine why motion sensors did not go off when Lathrop scaled a fence at the bus garage

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