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Police: Hollywood Was Ready To Shoot

(WBEN) Tonawanda  Police say Joseph Hollywood was found dead in the basement of the Tonawanda home he set ablaze, with  an oxygen tank and a long gun, in apparent position to open fire on police or fire officials who came near.

The finding was revealed along with an autopsy result that says smoke inhalation was the cause of death late yesterday afternoon at Hollywood's home on Fries Road.

Hollywood's body was found inside the home near 5 pm Monday, after a daylong siege involving police and fire crews.

The incident sparked a lockdown at nearby Kenmore Tonawanda schools, and had police instruct neighbors to remain out of sight, in their basements to avoid any danger.   Fire crews did not intervene to put out the blaze, for fear that Hollywood was armed.

" Investigators believe he was positioned where he was so that he could engage any police that came in looking for him, "Tonawanda police said in a prepared statement released Tuesday morning.

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While some neighbors describe Hollywood, 60, as gregarious and outgoing, others were fearful of him.  He was was  well-known to police and officers have had 18 encounters with him since 2003 for complaints such as harassment and disorderly conduct and domestic disputes

Officials say they received a 911 call at 9:15 a.m. Monday from a woman believed to be Hollywood’s wife. She told dispatchers that Hollywood was threatening to kill her and had set the house on fire. 

Emergency demolition of  his home at 163 Fries has started, (pictured R in a Tona. PD Photo)  and police will continue working at the scene to try and recover any other weapons on the property. 

They will also begin internal reviews on how the event was handled, the statement said.

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