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Cuomo Bus Tour Focuses on Economic Development

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Governor Andrew Cuomo started his Tuesday the same way many Western New Yorkers did, by taking a ride on an NFTA-Metro bus.

However, unlike the many who take the bus to begin their work day, Cuomo's ride was a tour, focused on seeing the different areas of the inner and outer harbors that are primed for development.

Cuomo's tour began at Canalside, where he was shown the space where summer concerts are held as well as the new Harbor Center development that is mid-construction in front of First Niagara Center. The bus then drove down Michigan Avenue, past the new-look Seneca Casino, and on to Ohio Street, which the city of Buffalo plans to add green space to and encourage downtown visitors to travel along so they can visit the outer harbor.

The tour then took Cuomo past Silo City, and along the outer harbor to Gallagher Beach and the Small Boat Harbor. Those sites were recently handed over to the State by the NFTA, and are in the middle of a "visioning process."

Cuomo says the tour was a sort of pitch to the state by local organizations. "Part of it is looking at what was built and how it's doing, and then part of it is what next year's plan is going to be," Cuomo said. "They're basically pitching, if you will, the assessment team to say why the state should pick Buffalo's plan, and why Buffalo's plan is better than anyone else's plan."

The Governor also noted that Buffalo has come a long way in the past few years.

"It is a different Buffalo. I mean it's really night and day. This is a different magnitude of progress."

Cuomo finished his tour at the groundbreaking ceremony for UB's new medical school.

SEE Photos from the tour:

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