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Shonn Greene, Derek Cox

DeLamielleure: We Were 'Shaken Up' By League of Denial

COMPLETE COVERAGE of the NFL Concussion Crisis | See Video | Share  Your Opinion

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Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Western New York football fans got their chance to see Frontline's report "League of Denial" Tuesday night, hearing interview after interview that says the NFL knew much more about the dangers of concussion, and delayed action on safety improvements

JOE DELAMIELLEURE"We were shaken up by it," says Hall of Famer Joe DeLamielleure, who watched the broadcast with his wife.

"My wife is a pediatric nurse, she's pretty tough. After we watched this she stayed up until 1AM, just laying there thinking, whoever thought, 'When you signed with the Buffalo Bills it would turn out like this?' It's sad.

  From PBS's Frontline:
"League of Denial"

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Current players have begun to weigh on FRONTLINE’s investigation into the NFL’s concussion crisis.

Did “League of Denial” Change the Way You Feel About Football?

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What did the NFL know and when did it know it?

Inside the NFL’s Concussion Crisis – Live Chat Transcript

How CTE Affects the Brain

More on the  disease linked to brain trauma in football players.

Dig Deeper: Investigating the NFL’s Concussion Crisis

A collection of essential reads on the NFL and its response to the concussion crisis.

"They make it so glorious all the time, but (Frontline) make the NFL look bad," says DeLamiellure, who is part of the recently settled lawsuit with the NFL over concussion injuries.

Even before the concussion issue arose, DeLamielleure was an outspoken critic of the NFL and the players' union for their treatment of retirees, especially regarding pension issues for older ex-players.

He says there were risks of breaking legs, shoulders, or your back, but nothing about damage inside your head.

"The fact they denied this stuff over the years, do you know what they put the families through? It's ridiculous," he adds.

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Former Bills left guard Ruben Brown

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Alan Pergament is Talkin' TV for the Buffalo News. He says those who watch the broadcast may wonder what the NFL was thinking about not sharing with players more about concussions.

"You would think they should have come forward and accepted credible scientific information that playing football, knocking your heads against others' heads, running back onto the field after having a concussion in the same game, can be pretty harmful to your health," says Pergament.

He says the broadcast is a television version of the book the report is based on, but the interviews are compelling.

10/16/2013 6:35AM
DeLamielleure: We Were 'Shaken Up' By League of Denial
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