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Yahoo Ready To Expend Lockport Operations

Lockport, NY (WBEN) - Yahoo! will break ground today on an expansion of their data center in Lockport.

The expansion will bring additional space to the existing data center but that's not all, a new customer care center will also be added in Lockport.

Yahoo Vice President of Customer Experience Michael Draper says that the customer care center will feature mainly phone support as yahoo looks to bring some of its call centers to the United States.

Like many companies who have expanded call centers in Western New York, Draper cited the workforce as a reason for placing those jobs near Buffalo. "We weren't prepared for the 'wow' factor, these people are amazing. I am so incredibly impressed with them" said Draper, who did most of the hiring for the new care center.

Yahoo! says that it intends on creating 115 new jobs with the expansion.

The existing Lockport data center facility opened in 2010.

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