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IT Jobs Plentiful in WNY

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As Yahoo! break ground in Lockport today, the information technology field is growing by leaps and bounds in Western New York.

"There's quite a bit of demand for folks looking for IT help," says Mark Gaulin of PCI. The challenge we have is that all the real good talent is currently employed, so there's quite an opportunity." Gaulin says his company employees 125 people, and has openings right now.  "I think what's happening and depending on what jobs folks are looking for, all of those jobs are growing," explains Gaulin.

He says whether it's a service provider or a business with internal IT, the opportunities will be here down the road. The pay may help boost the local economy. "The IT jobs are not $10 an hour jobs. They're higher paying jobs, and that helps feed the economy because we're really bringing highly talented and highly paid people into the area.

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