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Technology Evolving in Fighting Crime

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) If you've watched CSI, you know the tools to solve crimes have evolved. But one former police chief says there's a bit of a double-edged sword.

"It has evolved by leaps and bounds," says Ron Winkley of Niagara University's Criminal Justice Department and former Lewiston Police Chief. "The way they can verfiy video with pixels making blurry video picture perfect, making identification much easier." Winkley adds DNA advancements have allowed investigators to make positive identifications through smaller samples.

Technicians are also evolving with the improvments. "They know what to look for, where to find it, gather the evidence from the crime scenes," says Winkley.

But WInkley says there's a bit of a drawback, what he calls the CSI Effect. "People watching TV, they see they guy locate a hair on the ground 100 feet away. Jurors are expecting police to use this technology at every crime scene, and it's just not possible," explains Winkley.

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