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Dobson Cries Foul, Sheriff Responds

Amherst, NY (WBEN) - With just over two weeks until election day, the race for Erie County Sheriff is heating up.

Democratic Candidate Dick Dobson called in to WBEN's Hardline with Dave Debo on Sunday, claiming there has been corruption in current Sheriff Tim Howard's administration.

"There are many things going on in the Sheriff's department that I believe will be coming out in the next two weeks, as far as badges being sold, and people contributing money to have reserve positions that maybe they're not quite entitled to" Dobson said.

Dobson went on to say that he is compiling information on money that's being contributed to the Howard campaign from people in reserve positions within the Sheriff's department.

Undersheriff Mark Wipperman responded to Dobson's claims on Monday.

"I'm completely unaware of anyone 'buying a badge' or being forced to donate campaign money whatsoever," Wipperman said. "Dick's allegation is preposterous, the men and women who make up our reserve force are taxpayers too. These men and women donate their time, equipment, and resources year-round."

The two candidates, along with third-party candidate Bert Dunn, are scheduled to debate on Tuesday morning. The general election will be held November 5th.

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