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What Went Wrong With Obamacare Site?

(WBEN) - Problems are continuing for many trying to log on to HealthCare.gov, the federal Website that houses the new health insurance marketplace.

Matt Whalen is a web expert at 360 PSG, he says that part of the problem is the interactive nature of the site. "When you're just talking about a typical website, it's not as difficult beacuse you're talking about normal pages that aren't changing every few seconds."

However, the website's real problem is most likely too much traffic. While the large amount of traffic on the site was to be expected, Whalen says those large numbers made the site nearly impossible to properly test.

"It's difficult to optimize (the website) without knowing how many people are going to be visiting the site, and being able to actually test for that number of requests per second and make sure it's able to operate."

Some experts say that as many as five million lines of software code need to be rewritten in order to fix all of the Obamacare site's problems. Whalen says that event with a number of people working on the problem, that could take a while to fix.

"The code might not have been built as optimal as possible in order to serve the number of people who ultimately were visiting the site. When they talk about that many lines of code needing to be rewritten, it's most likely having it re-factored to use less server resources when it's executed, which would basically allow more people to view the site."

While the experience on Healthcare.gov has been frustrating for many, the glitches have not shown up on other state-run healthcare exchange sites.

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