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Buffalo Parents Take Complaints To Albany

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The Buffalo School District Parent Coordinating Council is filing a legal appeal with the State Education Department today, saying that Buffalo Public Schools are not in compliance with Statewide Physical Education Requirements.

Regulations require School Districts to provide all students grade six and under a total of 120 minutes of physical education a week, currently Buffalo only provides 60-90 minutes.

Sam Radford is an executive committee member of the District Parent Coordinating Council, he says that many times, the State Education Department is more receptive to parents than the Buffalo district. When asked last month if he thought going to the state would be more productive than continuing to appeal to the district, Radford said "There's no question in my mind about that. We filed a complaint letter last year about the school transfer issue and the State Education Department acted on it. The people who don't listen to us are the local school board, the local Superintendent, that's who doesn't listen to us."

Radford said that filing complaints is not how he wants to be spending his time, but that it has to be done because the Parent Group feels that their voice is not being heard or respected by the district.

"Our preference would be working with a teacher to help our children in the classroom, that's how we want to spend our time," Radford said. "We don't want to be spending time researching state education laws, policies and procedures, and doing all of this complex paperwork that relates to filing an appeal. That's not how we want to be spending our time. We're just trying to make sure that we're an equal stakeholder, we're respected as an equal stakeholder, and laws are not violated as it relates to our participation."

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