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WBEN Extra: Development In Amherst

In Amherst, Supervisor candidate Mark Manna says the old saw about death and taxes needs another item.

"It's taxes and development, that's what people are talking about.", says Manna, the Democratic town board member who is running against incumbent Republican Supervisor Barry Weinstein.

Do you think Amherst is "Overdeveloped"?
Yes, too many new homes and neighborhoods.
( 6% )
Yes, too much retail development.
( 11% )
Yes, on all accounts!
( 45% )
( 38% )

"Not only six story hotels but 24-hour drive-thrus that are too close to residents; back yards and their bedroom windows, car dealerships with lights that are shining in their bedroom windows at night. Someone needs to guide us development-wise," says Manna.

In recent months, the town has seen neighbors rage against Iskalo Development's planned Hyatt Hotel on Main St, decrying it as too tall.   Others - including Weinstein- say the new Wyndham Garden Hotel on Main St. at S. Forest is too large for the site, but the town board doesn't have the power to control it all.   

Buffalo's Early News and WBEN.com take a look Wednesday in a series of Interviews and stories.

"My  proposal is to re-evaluate the zoning code.. we can look at height restrictions noise, fencing (and ) set-backs "

- Amherst Town Supervisor Barry Weinstein
  "It's a matter of one's perspective. If you look at the land use map of the town of Amherst, about 7 percent of the town's land mass is developed commercially, so 93 percent of the town isn't developed commercially."

.- James Allen, executive Director of the Amherst Industrial Development Agency

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with Amherst IDA Exec Director James Allen, Supervisor Candidates Manna & Weinstein, and Colleen DiPirro, Exec. Dir, Amherst Chamber of Commerce.
James Allen, Amherst IDA
Mark Manna, Democrat
for Town Supervisor
Supervisor Barry Weinstein (Incumbent, Republican)
Collen DiPirro, Amherst Chamber Of Commerce

New Mighty Taco Brings Lots Of Fanfare

Amherst, NY (WBEN) - In just a couple of weeks, the newest Mighty Taco location will open on Sweet Home Road across from the University at Buffalo's North Campus. It's part of a large new development that will include a hotel and apartments in addition to restaurants.

Earl Malone is Mighty Taco's Director of Construction, he said that bringing a location close to UB has been on the mind of the local chain for a while. "It's been in the works for over a year now," Malone said. "There are going to be shuttles going back and forth from UB, so it's going to be a great opportunity to service the Amherst Campus."

Not many restaurants can generate the fanfare that Mighty Taco does. Malone says that people will try to walk in and place an order even though construction currently surrounds the restaurant. As crazy as that sounds, Malone says openings are even more hectic. "It's absolutely amazing. At our Grand Island location, we had people camping out the night before. In Rochester (when Mighty Taco opened a location there) we had people waiting in line for over two hours to get their tacos."

But not all Mighty Taco fans are happy when the chain decides to open a new location. Instead, many are jealous when they find out a new restaurant won't be opening in their area. "Every time we open up a store, our Facebook site lights up and we get requests from Raleigh, North Carolina and Korea, it's absolutely amazing how many people want us to be in their neighborhood."

Malone says that even though construction dominates the site of their new location right now, they will be ready to open on schedule on November 11th. He also said that the new store is designed to have a "campus feel" to match their surroundings.

What does he mean by "campus feel?" Check out pictures of the construction below:

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10/29/2013 5:32PM
New Mighty Taco Brings Lots Of Fanfare
What restaurant would you like to see open in your backyard?
10/30/2013 10:21AM
Locally owned
Anything as long as it's locally owned and not a chain! Amazing entrepreneurship in the city with many new restaurants opened by our immigrant populations. Within a 5 to 10 minute drive, I can now get AMAZING Thai and Burmese food, as well as Indian, Mexican (which Mighty Taco really isn't!)Puerto Rican, Ethiopian, Italian... Love my city!!
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