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"WBEN Extra: Development In Amherst"
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10/29/2013 5:32PM
New Mighty Taco Brings Lots Of Fanfare
What restaurant would you like to see open in your backyard?
10/30/2013 10:21AM
Locally owned
Anything as long as it's locally owned and not a chain! Amazing entrepreneurship in the city with many new restaurants opened by our immigrant populations. Within a 5 to 10 minute drive, I can now get AMAZING Thai and Burmese food, as well as Indian, Mexican (which Mighty Taco really isn't!)Puerto Rican, Ethiopian, Italian... Love my city!!
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Following the German airline crash and all that's been reported about it, how are you feeling about flying?
  I'm more nervous but will still be flying.
  It was an isolated incident and won't stop me from flying.
  Very frightening and I won't fly anytime soon.
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