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John's Dilemma: Gourd or Pumpkin?

Calling all garden experts.  

This is the latest from John Zach's garden-- but what IS it?  Gourd? Pumpkin?

A few of the suggestions that came in at the WBEN Facebook Page
  • Looks like a wheelbarrow, I'm impressed
  • Photoshopped onion?
  • It's a gourkin!

Meanwhile, for more help we turn to the vast WBEN Garden Research Center (aka Google)  and the nation's cooperative extension services.

The extension experts at Kansas State University say "The term 'pumpkin' is used for anything that is round and orange, while the term 'squash' is used for an edible fruit of some other shape or color. The term 'gourd' is used for various shaped and sized fruit used for decoration.

 Generally speaking, if the plant has yellow flowers, it is a gourd, according to a University of Georgia Extension Service pamphlet

"Confused? In all actuality, it is very difficult to tell a pumpkin from a gourd. It doesn't’t really matter whether it’s a pumpkin or a gourd; just have fun with gardening and the Halloween tradition," writes Extension Agent Keith Mickler,

10/30/2013 8:20AM
John's Dilemma: Gourd or Pumpkin?
What the heck is it?
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