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Plane Ticket, Cell Phone Introduced in Taglianetti Trial

Mayville, NY (WBEN) Prosecutors introduced the cell phone of Keith Reed as well as a plane ticket to Tel Aviv, Israel reserved by Anthony Taglianetti during testimony Wednesday. Taglianetti is on trial for killing the Clymer Schools Superintendent.

Attorney Paul Cambria says it may appear Taglianetti may have panicked. "(Taglianetti) took off, threw the cell phone away, however he got that, and was going to leave the country because he was afraid. It's not good for the defense but not inconsistent with the defense of justification."

Cambria says his guess is the defense will bring out the fact Reed had a vast number of weapons. "I'm still expecting that kind of testimony," says Cambria. He says the justification defense may come into play because of Reed's collection. "There are injuries on the defendant, injuries on the deceased. There are close range shots under the skin, gunpowder and things that indicate muzzle to skin contact. That all indicates a fight to me."

Testimony continues Thursday.


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