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Prosecution Rests in Taglianetti Trial

Mayville, NY (WBEN) The prosecution has rested in the trial of Anthony Taglianetti, but not before jurors learned more about the revolver in Taglianetti's car.

DNA found on the bloody revolver discovered in Anthony Taglianetti's car matches that of Keith Reed. It gives prosecutors a link between Taglianetti and his travel to Clymer to shoot Reed, but attorney Mary Beth DePasquale says this may help the defense. "The absence of the defendant's DNA on the gun is certainly something I expect (the defense) to jump on, and to get leverage on the fact prosecutors can't place the gun into the defendant's hands," says DePasquale.

DePasquale says if the defense presents a case, expect a self-defense matter. "Perhaps some expert witness testimony regarding injuries sustained to the victim, and allegedly by the defendant, and whether there was a fight," says DePasquale. Will we hear from Taglianetti himself? "It all depends on the defense attorney's reading of the prosecution's case and what strategy he's spoken with Taglianetti and whether they feel his story needs to be told in his own words," anticipates DePasquale.

Taglianetti is accused of traveling from Virginia to shoot Reed last year.

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