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Help US Help the City Mission!

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Day in and day out, all years long, The Buffalo City Mission works to make lives better.  That task becomes even more difficult at this time of year.

SEE VIDEO: Mighty Taco Donates 100 Turkeys to our drive!

Imagine collecting 3,000 turkeys, 1,250 boxes of potatoes and over 3,000 cans ofvegetables to ensure a meaningful meal for thousands this Thanksgiving season.  That's where you can help.  You can help The City Mission anytime at the links below and we'll be hosting a very special collection later this week!

All day today until 7pm, WBEN will be LIVE at the Mighty Taco on Walden Avenue across from the Galleria Mall collecting turkeys and non-perishable food items for those in need.  The City Mission will be on site for the collection and will also be able to accept cash donations.

Stop by anytime until 7pm at the Mighty Taco on Walden across from the Galleria and help make a difference this Thanksgiving season.

Thanks in advance from The City Mission, Mighty Taco and all of us here at NewsRadio 930 WBEN.

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