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Gaughan Vs. Mychajliw for Comptroller

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The candidates for Erie County Comptroller are among those making a final push for votes.

Kevin Gaughan is challenging Stefan Mychajliw. He says one part of the campaign he has not liked is claims by Mychajliw he owes back taxes and can't be trusted with the government's money. "No I do not owe back taxes, and I certainly did not misstate anything at all," contends Gaughan. "The existence of an installment agreement I entered into with the government has been paid in full, and that was disclosed in my ethics form last year and this year in the campaign." Gaughan says governments are not good at handling their finances, and he vows to do his best to put an end to excessive spending. Gaughan's vision is to reimagine a local system that reduces excessive spending. He also wants to start with an audit as to why there has been no deputy comptroller for three months.

Mychajliw says while Gaughan is talking about audits, he's conducting them. "We're looking at the golden parachutes given to employees at the Erie County Water Authority who leave. We're also comparing and contrasting salaries given at the Erie County Water Authority and water authorities across the state," says Mychajliw, who also looked at his own office. "We cleaned up our own house first. If we want to set the bar high for everyone else in the county, we have to start with ourselves and that's what we did."

Mychajliw says he doesn't have a lot of friends in politics. "Good," adds Mychajliw. "That means I'm doing my job, standing up for taxpayers and holding politicians in power accountable.",

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