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Sheriff Howard Re-Elected; Defeats Dobson, Dunn

(WBEN) Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard has apparently won re-election with 52 percent of the unofficial election tally early Wednesday morning.

Howard, who made his opposition to the NYS SAFE Act gun control laws a centerpiece of his campaign had over 85,000 votes to Democratic challenger Richard Dobson's 50,000 (31 percent) and only 27,858 ( 17 percent) for Bert Dunn, a Democrat who mounted a minor party challenge to both of them.

" I'm both honored and humbled by what happened here tonight," said Howard in a victory speech , adding that citizens of Erie County "made up their own minds to figure out what's happening in Erie County and they recognized the hard work of the Erie County sheriff's office, despite our limited resources."

HEAR Sheriff Tim Howard's Victory Speech

 After claiming victory, Howard said that Erie County voters weren't just voting for him, they were voting against New York's SAFE act.

 "Anybody trampling on the second amendment has to be a big issue. It should be a massive issue," Howard said

Dunn will now go back to working as a deputy in the Sheriff's department under the man he ran against. Howard says he will have some explaining to do.

"If there are in fact areas of waste, he should have told us before, but its important he tell us about it now so we can do something about it. . If hes a legitimate leader and wants to be a manager and a supervisor that's part of his responsibility. it's time he shares that with the people who can do something about it."

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