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SAFE-Act Message Sent?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - During his campaign, Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard took a strong stance against the SAFE-Act gun control law. It's a move that set him apart from his two competitors, and may have won him more votes at the polls.

"Anybody trampling on the second amendment should be a big issue, it has to be a massive issue" Howard said after his victory on Tuesday. "I'm very proud of my position on the SAFE Act. I never waivered from that, and I think it sent a message from Erie County back to the people in Albany that Erie County doesn't feel the same way Albany might feel about the second amendment."

Howard is not alone in thinking that Tuesday's local elections sent a message.

Stephen Aldstadt is the President of SCOPE, a New York gun rights advocacy group, he says that a larger message has been sent to lawmakers. "It's not just the Sheriff's race, but the (Erie) County legislature as well," Aldstadt said.

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