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WNY In "The Best Man Holiday" Opening Friday

(WBEN) Now it can be told.  Or shown. Or boasted about it on Facebook.  Thousands of Western New Yorkers sworn to supposed secrecy in May during filiming of  Universal Pictures' "The Best Man Holiday" at Ralph Wilson Stadium may very well be headed to theatres this weekend to try and catch a fleeting glimpse of themselves on the big screen.

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For several days in late May, thousands of extras were deployed to help Director Malcolm Lee transform  the Ralph into  a movie set .  During the shoot, cell phone usage was restricted, and pictures were discouraged.   Now that the film is out, the behind the scenes footage and stories can be shared more fullly- and a variety of local folks will be watching for their milliseconds of fame.

Above: WBEN Photo. Surreptious cell phone picture caught by WBEN's Dave Debo, on set as an extra with his son.

The 122 minute film, opening nationwide Friday Nov. 15th, features just over 7 minutes of football scenes shot in Buffalo over 5 intense days.

The Ralph Wilson scene depicts Morris Chestnut as pro football player Lance Sullivan, and actual football hits featuring former pro and college football players choregraphed by football coordiinator Mark Robert Ellis,  a veteran of many movie sports sequences including Any Given Sunday, Jerry Maguire, and The Replacements.

Above and Below: From the Buffalo Niagara Film Commission, filiming in Ralph Wilson Stadium

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was on hand in late May to present a proclamation declaring it Malcom D. Lee Day in Buffalo, which reflected his gratitude for The Best Man Holiday choosing Buffalo for this production    (Left to Right – City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, Director Malcom Lee, and actor Morris Chestnut in a photo courtesy Buffalo Niagara Film Commission)

Were you there? Submit your photos to  newsroom@WBEN.com .  Include a brief story we can share.

Several extras in the movie shared their photos with us.  Here's a sampling.