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Poll: Neither Paladino or Astorino Would Beat Cuomo

The latest polling from Siena College shows that Republicans Carl Paladino, GOP Chair Ed Cox or Westchester County Exec. Rob Astorino would lose to Governor Cuomo should they run, even though the Governor's popularity is at an all time low.

Here's the latest from Siena.

 Siena asked: 
"If the 2014 election for governor was held today, who would you vote for if the candidates were Andrew Cuomo and......: 
 Results at right .

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Cuomo Has Huge Lead Over Potential Republican Challengers; Has His Lowest Job Performance Rating

Cuomo is viewed favorably by 61 percent of voters and unfavorably by 32 percent (from 62-32 percent last month). Fifty-one percent are prepared to re-elect him, while 41 percent would prefer someone else (from 52-38 percent in October).

"While Cuomo maintains his nearly two-to-one favorability rating, voters are less enthralled with the job he is doing as governor," Greenberg said. "More than twice as many voters think he’s doing a poor job compared to an excellent job, and more voters now think Cuomo is doing a fair (39 percent) or poor job (17 percent) than at any time in his three years as governor.

"However, nearly a year before he faces voters again, Cuomo is in a commanding position to win re-election. Whether he’s matched against the state Republican chairman, the recently re-elected Westchester county executive, or his 2010 opponent, Cuomo currently has the support of between 62 and 65 percent of voters," Greenberg said. "Against all three, he gets the support of more than 80 percent of Democrats, a strong majority of independents and a little more than one-third of Republicans. And that’s before he spends a dollar from his $30 million campaign war chest.

"When voters were asked whether their political beliefs were better represented by Cuomo or New York City Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, nearly half of voters say Cuomo, while more than one-quarter say de Blasio," Greenberg said. "Democrats are more closely divided with 48 percent saying Cuomo and 37 percent de Blasio."

Christie Liked – a Lot – By NY Voters; For President: Clinton Over Christie & Christie Over Cuomo

"New Yorkers might like to poke fun at their Garden State neighbors – what New Yorker doesn’t know a good Jersey joke? – but voters here like Chris Christie the recently re-elected Republican governor. And it’s not just Republicans. Christie, who is viewed favorably downstate and upstate, has a 57-31 percent favorability rating with Democrats and a 67-19 percent favorability rating with independents," Greenberg said.

"Cuomo has a strong favorability rating. Christie’s is a little better. And Clinton’s favorability rating, 67-31 percent, is best of all," Greenberg said. "So who do New Yorkers favor if Christie were to face either Clinton or Cuomo in the 2016 presidential election? They favor Clinton over Christie but not overwhelmingly. Christie splits the suburban and upstate vote with Clinton, who dominates in New York City.

"If it’s the battle of the sitting governors, right now advantage Christie. Despite ‘home court advantage’ and a two-to-one Democratic enrollment advantage, Christie is besting Cuomo by five points. Cuomo’s New York City lead is not enough to offset Christie’s comparable upstate and suburban leads, not to mention Christie’s 21-point lead among independent voters," Greenberg said


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