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Police Respond To Ying's Claims of Profiling

Tonawanda, NY (WBEN) - Jimmy Ying, owner of Yings, Wings and Things on Eggert Road in Tonawanda is accusing Tonawanda Police of racial profiling after he was arrested following a shooting that occured outside his business this past weekend.

Ying was charged with criminal nuisance following the shooting, which occured in the parking lot after Ying's had closed.

Today, Tonawanda Police Chief Tony Palombo responded to the claims. "I'm here to tell you that's absolutely not true," Palombo said of Ying's allegations. Palombo says that he has never encountered an amount of violent activity coming from one place in the way that he has from Ying's.

"We got information from Amherst that they stopped a car and the people from the car said their window was broken out because it had been shot out after they left Ying's. We've got calls from emergency rooms at local hospitals from people that have been beat up in these melees that happen when Ying's closes. We're currently investigating a fairly serious assault where a young lady had both of her arms broken in an assault at Ying's," Palombo said.

Many of the altercations have occured outside of the restaurant after it closes. Police says that Ying's has a responsibility to ensure that this level of violence doesn't happen outside of their business.

Twenty year-old Errick Roseboro was shot in the lower leg outside of Ying's. Police are still looking for a suspect, a search that has been hampered because few witnesses will come forward.

Palombo says that the Police are not discriminating against Ying, but would like to see him begin to operate in a way that will not draw violenc3e to the community.

"What I would like him to do is to assume responsibility, and to run a business that's not going to cause injury to his patron and our citizens. He's been in this town for over 25 years, I have no desire to see him go anywhere, but I would like to see hime conform with the law."

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