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How the JFK Assassination Changed TV News

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Before November 22, 1963, television news was similar to radio. The day's events were read to the viewer. But the assassination of John Kennedy changed how television gathered the news, and how we got our news.

"Now, we're very heavily into pictures of the event, but now the participation of homes in America," says Paul DeWald of SUNY Buffalo State. "Going onto other things like Vietnam, and the moon landing, American TV news took the 'you are there' approach." He adds the technology is evolving even today. "These telephones are communication devices are able to have picture and sound converted so it's acceptable to TV newscasts," says DeWald.

DeWald says TV news relies heavily on visual content, and changes the way people get their news and to an extent, how much depth the viewer gets on a story.

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