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People Magazine: Cuomo 'Sexy' at 55

(WBEN)  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is bringing sexy back.  For the second time in his lifetime, Cuomo has been included in People Magazine's annual "Sexiest Man Alive" issue.

In an issue that features Maroon 5's lead singer Adam Levine on the cover as the #1 sexiest man in the nation, (R) Cuomo is featured in a section representing men who the magazine says are "Sexy at Any Age." Cuomo was selected to represent sexiness at age 55.

"That was the qualifier. I had a limited scope of competition," Cuomo said when asked about the honors during a conference call on other issues with reporters Monday. 

"I think it's about New York. I think New York is sexy. And since I'm the New York governor, that's how they got there." he said.

Cuomo was also included in the People list in 2010.  At that time he told the New York Times that " his  ' genetic sculpting,' a sparing diet and treadmill sessions " earned him the honors.

Cuomo? Sexy?
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As for the genetics, his father , former Gov. Mario Cuomo, was on  Playgirl magazine's Top 10 list of sexiest men in 1985. Brother Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor was also cited in People's "Beautiful People of 1997."

.  However, Liz Sporkin, the executive editor of People told the Huffington Post that it was Andrew's " many years of public service make him sexy."

 Andrew Cuomo was also featured in  Playboy magazine’s 10 most eligible bachelors in 1990.

And while the national honors are something that his live-in girlfriend Sandra Lee of the Food Network says is part of why Cuomo's a " a stunningly wonderful human being all the way around,"  there are skeptics who don't think it doesn't translate to political power.

"Let's face it , most people who make it to the nation stage, male or female, are attractive. They're good looking people, they dress well, they tend to be in good shape," says GOP political analyst Carl Calabrese, a former Deputy Erie County Executive who teaches campaigning and politics at the University at Buffalo

"..  On the national level, if the governor were to run for president... they are not going to be decided on this issue of People magazine,"  Calabrese tells WBEN.

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11/26/2013 8:09AM
People Magazine: Cuomo 'Sexy' at 55
11/26/2013 8:42AM
This ought to be good.
Don't forget how these Limbaugh people responded to George W Bush when you have to endure their endless whining and pouting.
11/26/2013 9:03AM
WBEN sexiest man alive
There can be none other. George Zimmerman
11/26/2013 7:51PM
More liberal ignorance.
This shows that even fascists can be sexy. If People magazine was around in the '40s they would have loved Hitler.
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