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Thanksgiving & Hanukkah: Talking Turkey & Latkes

The chances of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving falling on the same week this year is as unlikely as me eating a Lean Cuisine on Turkey Day. Strange things do happen, though. For the first time ever, the Jewish “Festival of Lights” holiday of Hanukkah starts on Nov. 27th, the day before the turkey is carved.
This calendar confluence won’t happen again for another 75,000 years, so we must as well enjoy the belt-busting excuse of celebrating the two holidays with—what else?—food!
I’m envisioning graven-laden drumsticks with a side of latkes. In fact, sweet potato latkes would make the most sense. That’s happening in many places around the country.
According to SFGate, com, Marlene Sorsky Gray, a cookbook author, is planning a fusion of flavors: those sweet potato latkes topped with applesauce and cranberries. Her pumpkin pie will feature drizzled chocolate on top, covered in whipped cream and decorated with Hanukkah gelt-gold-foil-covered chocolate coins.
So, as you’re digesting your meal, you may want to ponder a few facts and figures about Thanksgiving.
Did you know:
  • 14 million Americans plan to eat out for the holiday, according to the National Restaurant Association.
  • Each American will gobble up 16.1 pounds of turkey over  the course of a year, with 31% of turkey consumption happening during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Sweet potatoes are the most popular side dish.
Let’s not forget dessert!
  • If you think apple, pecan and pumpkin pies are the most popular, you are correct. Give yourself an extra dollop of real whipped cream and enjoy!
The bottom line for both holidays is giving thanks—for the harvest of food, for the light at this dark time of season.
What a unique opportunity this combo of holidays presents for us all.


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11/27/2013 10:22AM
Thanksgiving & Hanukkah: Talking Turkey & Latkes
What is your favorite food for Thanksgiving and Hanukkah? Do you enjoy Thanksgiving sides more than the turkey?
11/27/2013 11:47AM
Favorite dish and dessert
Just give me cranberry sauce with stuffing and sweet potato pie for dessert. That and a good bottle of Cabernet and I'm all set!
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