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Schwabl's Closed After SUV Knocks Building Off Foundation

West Seneca, NY (WBEN) An eatery whose tradition goes back to 1837 is closed indefinitely after the owner says an elderly woman crashed into the building with her SUV.

Schwabl's has been at its current location on Center Road near Union since 1942. Around 11:30 Monday morning, owner Cheryl Staychock says the woman missed the turn from Union onto Center, struck a street sign and a sign for a neighboring oil change business before hitting the Schwabl's building. "A 90 year old woman ran into the west side of the building into the steam table. The steam table runs the whole restaurant. (Her SUV) hit that wall, and drove the entire building off its foundation," says Staychock. "We had a customer come in for a take out slightly before that happened. Thank God no customers were in at that moment." Staychock says cracks were found on the opposite side of the building, and a window box was knocked off onto the parking lot side of the building. "We had a 250 pound radiator flew across the room. That could have easily killed one of our people, this woman has no idea what she's done," adds Staychock.

While no one inside was injured, the restaurant is closed indefinitely. "We have no time frame (for repairs)," says Staychock, who adds this couldn't have come at a worse time. "This is our busiest time of the year. Of course our Tom and Jerrys are out this time of year  Everybody loves to go shopping and drop by for a Tom and Jerry."

Staychock says when Schwabl's reopens there will be a grand re-opening. "I'm hoping we can make the repairs necessary to get back into business, but there's talk the entire building is off the foundation," notes Staychock.

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