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"White House Touts Obamacare Numbers, Schumer Waits to Judge"
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12/03/2013 6:42AM
White House Touts Obamacare Numbers, Schumer Waits to Judge
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12/03/2013 8:09AM
Now what?
Guess it's back to Benghazi!, Obamaphones, IRS, Fast and Furious and whatever fake non-scandals Foxnews can come up with. In the meantime it's good to see Your Great Leader has been calling the Pope a Marxist and declaring war on the Catholic Church. Please proceed, wingnuts. Keep doing what you're doing.
12/03/2013 10:16AM
Ten Years From Now
You will be singing the praises of ACA. You'll no longer call it "Obamacare" but attribute the original idea to Saint Reagan, Saint Bush, or their Prophet Limbaugh, and fight tooth and nail any attempt to change or reduce it. Mark my words.
12/03/2013 12:53PM
Really, Obamacare is the answer!
We will see how much more the debt goes up from this (on top of the 17 Trillion) that the "smartest man alive" has gotten us up to (oh, wait a minute George Bush must be responsible for that). I will bet that when this is all said and done there will be less people covered by health insurance than prior to it once people see that it is not another freebee.
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