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"In Court Today: Fan Who Fell At The Ralph"
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12/03/2013 7:17AM
In Court Today: Fan Who Fell At The Ralph
Should Hopkins face charges?
12/03/2013 8:11AM
charges ? or committed ?
12/03/2013 10:10AM
This guy should face every charge they can throw at him. Bad enough his stupidity endangered his own life, but it also could have killed others. He's lucky to be alive!! A little time behind bars to contemplate things is well-deserved.
12/03/2013 10:17AM
A modern day allegory
Hopkins IS the 2013 Republican Tea Party.
12/03/2013 1:21PM
civil charges
civil yes- criminal I have my doubts?
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Do you think some of the medical privacy of pilots and others who hold our lives in their hands should be sacrificed?
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