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Common Core Causes Commotion

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - New York State's new Common Core Curriculum has many parents and teachers incensed, so much so that it caused one woman to quit her job as an elementary school Principal in Lancaster.

Kathleen Knauth was the Principal of Hillview Elementary school. She says the way she was forced to evaluate students and teachers caused her to leave.

"It was so restrictive," Knauth said. "I could never put in and opinion like 'wow, your room looked great,' or 'you were really motivating to the children.' I couldn't put in anything that was subjective."

"How does one earn a 92, and the other one earn an 87? There are just too many variables to give a teacher a number."

Knauth says that she is still heartbroken over her decision to step down.

Knauth says that she will be present when State Education Commissioner John King holds his forum in Buffalo, but she doesn't expect anything to be accomplished. "At the forums around the state, no one is really listening, everyone just sort of nods their head and and says they'll take things under advisement."


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