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Common Core Forum Provides Stage for King

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - State education commissioner John King was in Buffalo Thursday night for a forum on the Common Core Curriculum.

He had one message in particular for parents and teachers. "The common core is not about testing, the common core is about standards" King said.

King took questions from a moderator for most of the forum, many parents and teachers who planned on attending had a hard time getting downtown, or weren't able to make it at all because of the weather.

The high standards set by the common core aren't there just because King said, It's part of an effort to raise the performance of New York students to the levels of high performing students around the world.

"One of the interesting findings was students from Shanghai... when surveyed would say 'if I find that something's hard, I find that if I work at it, I can do better.' That's the kind of sentiment we've got to develop in schools."

Despite a lot of negative publicity that the Common Core gets, King says that he believes it's important for New York to set the bar in education. "The reason to lead the way is because it is the right thing for students. We want students to have the experiences in the classroom that the common core calls for. I've visited nearly 50 schools since the start of the school year, and I'm consistently impressed by the quality of work that I see in classrooms as teachers and students together tackle the common core."

It wasn't all happy faces downtown though, King had to deal with one heckler, and many Common Core opponents said the Forum was more of the same old rhetoric.

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