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Puppy Flipper Barred From Animal Sales

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - An individual responsible for illegally reselling or “flipping” puppies to unsuspecting consumers in Buffalo has been permanently barred from selling animals or becoming licensed pet dealers.

Stephanie Arcara, a self-confessed “puppy flipper,” bought puppies advertised on Craigslist and then sold them to unsuspecting customers in the Buffalo area. Arcara, who was not a licensed pet dealer, kept the puppies in her home, where they were poorly cared for.  According to one consumer, the puppy she purchased from Arcara was covered in feces and urine, had patches of hair missing on its body and was very thin. Another reported that a puppy he purchased from Arcara was dehydrated and suffered from constant seizures, while others reported that puppies sold by Arcara had worms, fleas and bladder infections. One puppy even died shortly after Arcara sold it.

Arcara illegally sold dozens of puppies to unsuspecting consumers, usually by advertising on Craigslist. She misrepresented herself to consumers as a breeder of the puppies when, in fact, she purchased them on Craigslist. Arcara also misrepresented the breed of the puppies she sold, sometimes claiming they were purebreds when they were not, and told consumers that the puppies had been de-wormed and were current on their shots, which was also not the case.

Arcara violated New York State law by failing to provide consumers with any records of the puppies’ breeder or the veterinary care she had received, and sold or offered to sell puppies that were less than 8 weeks of age. She also failed to have the puppies examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to selling them and did not advise consumers of their rights to return sick puppies, as required by law.

As a result of a court order, Stephanie Arcara is permanently barred from selling animals or becoming a pet dealer. Furthermore, she was required to pay $1,000, which was provided as restitution to the individual who purchased the puppy that died.  

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