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From Snow by the Foot to Rain by the Inch!

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - With snow being measured by the foot in parts of Western New York of late, forecasters are now warning of the possibility of rain being measured by the inch.  A brief but significant warmup is in the forecast going into the weekend and the possibility of some soaking rain is reason for concern.

With a deep snowpack in much of the Buffalo area, and inch or two of rain combined with the snowmelt could be cause for concern in basements and along area creeks and streams.  Runoff could be enough to cause flooding and combine that with the rain and potential ice-jamming and we could be in store for a nasty surprise.

Forecasters will keep a close eye on the expected weather changes that could include an extended period of mixed precipitation across parts of western New York depending on the storm's final path.

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