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Why Do We Hear Political Misconduct Often?

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) After allegations of sexual harassment against Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak were filed Friday, it reminded us about the long line of sexual harassment cases in politics.

"It's probably not that many in terms of the general public, but certainly they get more attention" says Canisius College political science professor Michael Haselswerdt. "What it comes down to is the fact these guys have more time on their hands."

Haselswerdt says we generally hold politicians to higher standards, and victims know that. "This is something you can complain about and make something happen, compared to things far under the radar for the media, and that plays a role in it also," explains Haselswerdt.

Haselswerdt says while lawmakers have time on their hands, they are often alone with people they're not related to for long periods of time. He says that can create opportunities for inappropriate conduct.

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