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Silver: If Allegations Are True, Gabryszak Should Resign

New York, NY (WBEN) Governor Cuomo said it on Saturday. Monday, we heard the same from Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: if the allegations against Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak are true, the Cheektowaga lawmaker should resign.

"I think the allegations are serious, there's no question about it, if the allegations are true I think there should be no other choice but a resignation," Silver told reporters at a news conference in New York. In response to a question about Albany's culture, "Every member of the Legislature is sent by their districts to Albany," he explained. "There is no test given at the door or at the border of Albany. Every legislator comes from a district that they are elected to. What's clear is, we have put them on notice that this activity is not tolerable. There are various sessions that are devoted to definitions of harassment and proper ethical behavior and we will continue to do that. But just like everything else there are bad apples all over. The question is how you deal with them. I think we have dealt in the fastest possible way certainly in this case and we will continue to do that in the future. The notice will be clear that behavior of this type if proven will not be tolerated."

Silver says he immediately referred the matter to the Assembly's Ethics Committee. He says he had no prior knowledge of the allegations.

On Friday, three former aides through their attorney filed a notice of claim against Gabryszak, claiming sexual harassment. Gabryszak has not commented, but today has retained attorney Terry Connors to represent him.

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