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Fourth Woman to File Claim Against Gabryszak

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Another allegation of sexual harassment against Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak will be filed Tuesday, according to the attorney representing the lawmaker.

"We have had some contact with one of the lawyers associated with the fourth claim," says Terry Connors. "We have not seen any of the allegations yet, but we understand these are similar allegations." Friday, three former female staffers filed claims against Gabryszak.

Connors says all he has are allegations placed in an intent to file a lawsuit, but no lawsuits have been filed yet. "We're looking at several aspects of the investigation to get as much of the facts as we can. We can't respond until we get a firm grip of the facts," explains Connors.

Connors says it's a tough thing for Gabryszak to have the allegations attached to his name. "He's been in public service in 37 years, he's done a great job for constituents, he's been a great father, so it's tough to hear these things attached to his name, a name he's worked hard to earn," says Connors.

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