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Fourth Aide Files Claim Against Gabryszak

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A current aide to Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak is now the fourth woman to file a notice of intent, the first step toward a lawsuit. Three others filed suit last week.

Caitrin Kennedy, through attorney Parthima Reddy, says she was subjected to "a hostile and offensive work environment," starting with her first day on the job. The claim says in that first week, Gabryszak invited Kennedy to join him for a couples massage. Kennedy has been employed with Gabryszak since the end of September.

Another allegation from Kennedy is Gabryszak talked about strip clubs and prostitutes during conversations, including invitations to join him.

Two weeks ago, Kennedy claims Gabryszak became even more aggressive and frequent in his behavior, claiming the assemblyman suggested Kennedy sit on his lap, kiss his female legislative director or the two women touch backsides to be photographed. Kennedy speculates that the harassment became more severe as Garryszak grew more comfortable around her.

"I hope that this starts to change the culture of corruption in Albany" said Diana Cihak, spokesperson for Kennedy's lawyer Prathima Reddy. "In the past we've seen an awful lot of this, and in the past it's been a slap on the wrist, and I don't think it's been a deterrent to those in power."

Reddy said that Kennedy was completely unaware of the other three complaints against Gabryszak, and when Kennedy found out, she thought it was important to support them.

Gabryszak's attorney Terry Connors told WBEN Monday he's trying to get to the facts before commenting on the matter.

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