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Supt. Brown Says She's Staying and 'Staying the Course'

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Buffalo Schools Superintendent Pamela Brown addressed rumors of a $500,000 buyout offer from a group of local businesspeople to step down Monday. She says she's not going anywhere.

"In my year and a half as superintendent, I have made much headway toward student success and overall management of the district--and we are showing signs of progress," says Brown. "Those who would turn a blind eye to the obvious achievements of the district under my tenure are not only working to mislead the public, but do the damage of branding the district and all those in it as failures, which is certainly not the case."

Brown agreed with Regent Bob Bennett and County Legislator Betty Jean Grant when they said only the board of education should decide whether she should stay as superintendent. She says there has been progress with 44 of 53 schools measured as effective or highly effective.

"We are a district on the move. We are on the rise. We have worked well with our partners, moved wiftly to meet state education mandates, and we have acted in a manner fiscally responsible to the citizens and taxpayers of this city and state. We have increased parental involvement and kept our stakeholders engaged in district improvements. Anyone who is surprised by district initiatives has simply not been paying attention," says Brown.

Brown says she will "stay and stay the course" as superintendent. "I would caution against those who would deny and undermine that fact. People with fistfuls of money who claim to have the best interests of children at their hearts should go directly to those children and families with that offering," notes Brown. "I'm not interested in doing anything other than carrying out the vision I stated on arrival in this district, and that is to offer every child a world-class education."


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