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Worst Winter Road? Friday it was probably I-290

 The AAA's Steve Pacer
On The WBEN Liveline
As all of Western New York deals with extreme cold and some snowfall, the fender benders, spin-outs and disabled vehicles seemed to be concentrated on the I-290 Friday morning. 
What's the worst winter road in WNY?
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Here's a selection of photos that WBEN Traffic Command collected from the NYS Dept. of Transportation & Thruway cameras Friday.

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01/03/2014 10:46AM
Worst Winter Road? Friday it was probably I-290
If not the 290, what IS the worst winter road in WNY?
01/03/2014 4:44PM
219 has always been.. and rt 39 between Gowanda and Arcade.
01/04/2014 9:17AM
All wheel drive
All wheel drive and 4 wheel drive is not infallible. Vehicles with 4 wheel drive can also lose control and go sliding off the road. It seems like these idiots who go flying by you when it's slippery don't realize this until they end up in a ditch.
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